What’s Open Late In Fargo

What's Open Late In Fargo ND? | Fargo Bites

Whether you are a college student studying for a test, working the graveyard shift, looking for more after a night out at one of Fargo’s fine pubsย or just plain hungry, let us help you find the best restaurants that are open late in Fargo!

*Hours are frequently changing since the pandemic, please check with your favorite restaurant directly.

24 Hour Restaurants

Denny's Fargo ND | Fargo Bites1. Denny’s

Fryn' Pan Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites2. Fryn’ Pan

Perkins Fargo ND | Fargo Bites3. Perkins – 12AM, NO LONGER 24 HOURS

4. McDonald’s – NO LONGER 24 HOURS

2424 University Dr. Fargo ND | (701) 232-8636 | 12AM Everyday

1001 38th St. S Fargo ND | (701) 282-5796 | 12AM Fri & Sat

5640 23rd Ave. S Fargo ND | (701) 364-9667 | 12AM Fri & Sat

Open Late

Boss' Pizza And Chicken Downtown Fargo ND | Fargo Bites1. Boss’ Pizza & Chicken | Sun to Wed – 3AM & Thurs to Sat – 4AMย 

46 North Pints And Provisions Downtown Fargo ND | Fargo Bites2. 46 North | Late Night Menu 9PM – 11PM Friday & Saturdayย 

Hooligans Bar And Grill West Fargo ND | Fargo Bites3. Hooligan’s Bar & Grill | Thursday – 11PM | Friday & Saturday 12AM – Late Night Menu Until 2AM.

Bar Down West Fargo ND | Fargo Bites4. Bar Down | Late Night Menu 11PM – 1AM

SouthTown PourHouse Fargo ND | Fargo Bites5. SouthTown PourHouse | Full Menu Until 2AM

Twin Peaks Fargo ND | Fargo Bites6. Twin Peaks | Fri to Sat 1AM

Pizza Patrol Fargo ND | Fargo Bites7. Pizza Patrol | Sun to Thur 4AM & Fri to Sat 5AM

Deek's Pizza Fargo ND | Fargo Bites8. Deek’s Pizza | 3AM Everyday

Insomnia Cookies Downtown Fargo ND | Fargo Bites9. Insomnia Cookies | Sun to Wed – 1AM & Thurs to Sat 3AM

Papa John's Pizza Fargo ND | Fargo Bites10. Papa John’s | Mon to Sat 12AM | Locations Slightly Vary

Domino's Pizza Fargo ND | Fargo Bites11. Domino’s Pizza | Fri to Sat 1AM & Sun to Thurs 12AM

Know of an open late place not on the list?