Best Breakfast In Fargo

Best Breakfast In Fargo ND | Fargo Bites


They say it’s the most important meal of the day and honestly, who doesn’t like breakfast food? We have put together some of the best local diners and brunch hot spots in the Fargo area, just for you!

Fryn' Pan Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites1. Frynโ€™ Pan | 24/7


Village Inn Moorhead MN | Fargo Bites2. Village Inn | Everyday 6AM – 8PM

Marge's Diner Downtown Fargo ND | Fargo Bites3. Marge’s Diner | Everyday During Regular Hours

Rosewild Downtown Fargo ND | Fargo Bites4. Rosewild | 7AM to 12PM

Randy's Diner Fargo ND | Fargo Bites5. Randy’s University Diner | All Day During Regular Hours


The Shack Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites6. The Shack | All Day – During Regular Hours


Jays Smokin BBQ Fargo ND | Fargo Bites7. Jay’s Smokin’ BBQ | Weekends 8AM – 12PM

Lucky's 13 Pub Fargo ND | Fargo Bites8. Lucky’s 13 Pub | Sunday Brunch – 9AM to 1PM




Hooligans Bar And Grill West Fargo ND | Fargo Bites9. Hooligan’s Bar & Grill | Monday – Friday 8AM to 11AM | Saturday & Sunday Brunch – 10AM to 2PM

Pub West Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites10. Pub West | Monday – Sunday Brunch – Starting at 9AM



Blarney Stone Pub Breakfast West Fargo ND | Fargo Bites11. Blarney Stone Pub | Saturday & Sunday Brunch – 10:00AM to 2PM

Granite City Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites12. Granite City | Sunday Brunch – 9AM to 2PM

The Boiler Room Fargo ND | Fargo Bites13. The Boiler Room | All Day | Saturday & Sunday Specialty Brunch – 9AM to 4PM

Smiling Moose Deli Breakfast Fargo ND | Fargo Bites14. Smiling Moose Deli | All Day During Regular Hours

The Tavern Grill Fargo ND | Fargo Bites15. The Tavern Grill | Sunday Brunch – 10AM to 2PM

Urban 42 Fargo ND | Fargo Bites16. Urban 42 | Sunday Brunch Buffet – 9AM to 2PM

Deaner's Diner West Fargo ND | Fargo Bites17. Deaner’s Diner | All Day During Regular Hours

Wild Terra Fargo ND | Fargo Bites18. Wild Terra Cider & Brewing | Sunday Brunch – 11AM to 2PM

Black Coffee And Waffle Bar Fargo ND | Fargo Bites19. Black Coffee & Waffle Bar | All Day During Regular Hours

Dolly Down Grill In Fargo ND | Fargo Bites20. Dolly Down Bar & Grill | All Day During Regular Hours

Twin Peaks Fargo ND | Fargo Bites21. Twin Peaks | Saturday & Sunday Until 12PM

Baron's Eatery | Kingpinz Social | Fargo Bites22. Kingpinz Social | Sunday Brunch 10AM – 2PM

Round Up Saloon Fargo ND | Fargo Bites23. Round Up Saloon | Saturday 9AM – 1PM | Sunday 10AM – 1PM

Old Broadway Fargo ND | Fargo Bites24. Old Broadway | Monday – Saturday 8AM – 3PM

OKellys Bar And Grill Fargo ND | Fargo Bites25. O’Kelly’s Bar & Grill | Saturday & Sunday 10AM – 2PM

Know of a great breakfast place not on our list?