What is Fargo Bites?

Fargo Bites is the Fargo-Moorhead areas premiere local food and drink feature, discount & giveaway website. Our prime focus is helping all local businesses thrive and connect them with the great Fargo community.

How can you help me save money?

We offer the best local coupons and giveaways. Our unique deals and discounts are geared to help you save money and benefit your favorite local businesses.

How do your giveaways work?

We will be giving away a local food and drink gift card of at least a $50 value every month, that you will be automatically be entered in when you are a part of that months bite pass. We will also be featuring non bite pass giveaways in the future.

What is the Bite Pass?

Our coupons are unique to Fargo Bites! We are working with local food and drink businesses to bring you deals not found anywhere else! Our premium coupons are accessible through our Bite Pass. For only $5 a month, you can access 30 specials coupons that rotate every month. Cancel anytime you want.

How do I use your coupons?

When you access the Bite Pass page, you will see all 30 coupons for that month. You will be able to show the business from your phone, or print them off and take them in with you.

I signed up for Bite Pass, how do I access my coupons?

Click on Account link at the top of every page, or in the bottom footer navigation area, then you will see a Bite Pass Coupons button.

How much money is really going to local causes from the Bite Pass?

$1 from every $5 monthly subscription is going directly to a local cause or charity that we chose for that month! We just want to give back to the F-M community, with your help!

How do I pay for my deal or Bite Pass?

We use Stripe online for all of our payment transactions. A basic account and basic info will be required like most sites.

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